The Sick Bullet

This is a long time I haven’t been here and I need to apologize to my large audience, I am not totally sure but I hope there is at least one person reading this blog, and my parents don’t have Internet.

One of the many reason I was not able to write anything here, is that I was sick, very sick. I spent a week at the Hospital, in Shanghai. I cannot write the name of the hospital because I am still negotiating a good price for my next stay there, as it is already my third visit… 

I discovered Chinese Medicine, and much better I discovered that in fact there is a modern traditional Chinese medicine. Sounds strange? It is Traditional medicine inside but it looks like our regular tablets, you get the best of both worlds! I was not ready to eat scary stuff but very happy to try something different than our usual cures. You know, usually we get a cure for the disease and then another one to help survive the medicaments. In this case, no side effects and I was back on my feet much faster than usually. One of the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine is that when you step in the hospital, it does not smell like an hospital, it smells like a mix between a tea shop with a vegetable touch and an old grand mother herb tea. Well, it smell something natural instead of the usual alcohol stench we got in the west part of the world.

The other reason is that after getting back to work I had a bunch of things waiting for me. But that’s no mystery, that’s the same everywhere in the universe.

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